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OracleToMysql - Import Oracle to MySQL. Main features: 1.Easy visual configuration. 2.Converts from both table
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28 November 2014

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This is a tool that helps importing Oracle data to MySQL database.

When you have database data to be transferred on a regular basis, this is a tool that can be useful and help you do your job quickly. This tool is for DBA and database programmers. The interface is easy to understand and set up. You would be able to visually configure the source as well as the destination. All you will need is to click on some check boxes. The tool will save session parameters such as saving and loading parameters and let you do identical transfers again and again without any re-configuring to be done. The interface has a progress bar that will show you the progress. It will show you how many records got transferred. Source and destination connections can be set up. The software will test the destination connections before starting the transfer.

Even if the rookie of the IT has to take care of the transfer, the wizard will guide him/her and that should not cause any problem at all. The transfers could be from definitions you set up between the source and the destination table. You could use queries to harvest data and then transfer. It is possible to import multiple tables at one time. As the utility support Unicode, the data can be in any language. There are two modes of operation available that makes it easy to operate. One is the command-line mode, which is really for experienced users. Another mode is the scheduled one, when regular transfers can happen automatically. This is a very good utility that could be useful on a regular basis.

Publisher's description

OracleToMysql - Import Oracle to MySQL. OracleToMysql is a data conversion tool that helps database user to convert Oracle data to MySQL database.
The main features are:
1. Easy visual configuration -- just click on the mouse.
2. Displays progress through time estimation.
3. Converts data quickly and smoothly.
4. Saves you a ton of time.
5. Converts from both table and query.
6. Converts multiple tables in one time.
7. Execute via command line and scheduled, this can help automate tasks.
8. Tow mode: Wizard - step by step; Direct import - efficient.
Version 1.5
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